Well, hello there.

My name is Katherine and I am a third year Graphic Design student at La Cité Collégiale. I intend to graduate in April 2021 with a degree in Art and Design, Graphic Design concentration.

My various travels in my youth have allowed me to have an open mind about the world, to learn new styles and to adapt very easily. I am a passionate person; it is a dream to be able to use my skills to meet the needs of others.

I can tell you that I am an open-minded person who adapts to the needs of her clients. With my good mood and my humor, it is easy for me to meet the different requirements of the given mandate.

My goal? To give you the most professional service and to concretize the ideas and inspirations of my clients. I work very well in a team and alone. Punctuality is an essential value that I advocate! To date, I have almost 2 years of professional work under my belt as a junior graphic designer.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to work with me, I will answer you as soon as possible.

Some of my skills:


Work experience:

Library and Archives Canada (2019)

Junior graphic designer, in charge of the production of multimedia and event content. From making creative web banners, to making small animations for podcast content on YouTube. I work mainly with Illustrator and Indesign, for some cases I will work with Photoshop, After Effect and even Acrobat DC.

Transport Canada (2019-2020)

I worked as a graphic designer for the aircraft services team, creating new media and PDFs, updating old documents and using all the Adobe tools to help create everything.

Student at la Cité Collegial (2018-2021)

Personal favorite projects:

Keep in touch:

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Here lies Katherine’s work and efforts, I hope you will enjoy it!

Where to find me ?

You can easily find me through my social medias or just fill out the contact form in Contact Me.